torstai 11. lokakuuta 2018

under a tree

my body is laying under a tree. grass beneath me is fresh and green.

leaves are falling down onto my skin. could you touch me as they do, or would it be a mortal sin? the leaves are covering my body all around but you are all i can think.

the breath of air makes cold shivers down my arms. i´m shaking by it´s influence. rain drops ran down my innocent body like a sweat of your lovely passion. and that too, makes my soul shaking wildly like a pumping heart with a whole. 

tempting smell of cherries reminds me of your wet ripe lips. and my soul misses the sensitivity of your long french kiss. and the way that you nibble skin of my lips. oh, may i touch you a little!

my fingers are wondering through my body. they´re touching sensually every part of it. they´re feeling shapes of my breasts and slowly go on their way.

birds fly above me. i want to take care of your broken heart.  i can hear mine heartbeat as your own. and its every pound with that warming sound.

colorful world surrounds me. but i cannot feel alive without you. please, my love, be patient and careful. my soul is coming for you.

Sincerely yours;

nella m.

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